During the 1800’s Maine was rich with skilled tradesmen,Artisans,inventors,there were many talented edge tool makers, and plane makers  in many small towns suppling the Ship building trade and Coopers along the long Maine coast line and big rivers that went inland toward the large tracts of forest land where there were Lumbermen that needed axes. Inventors with big ideas that were patented for screwdrivers,wrenches and a list that  doesn’t seem to end with possibilities in agriculture,lumbering and much more. In my pursuit to find  more information on Joseph Bradford (Portland planemaker,1830’s to 1880) I discovered the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association in downtown Portland, where he served as an officer for many years and a member of good-standing starting in 1835. The MCMA built a beautiful Landmark building (1857-1859) using their own Architects ,Masons, stonecutters, housewrights,joiners and many more artisan mechanics in membership. The building is standing the test of time  and stills serves its membership and the public today. I will add information here and a link to the MCMA for further info.This will probably be a ever changing site during the work in progress.